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1. Do law firms have to pay for your services?

2. Do you get paid by law firms for allowing them to bid?
No, LBI works solely in the interest of its client who wishes to retain a law firm for a specific matter.

3. Is there a minimum threshold for an auction of legal services?

4. Do companies or law firms/consultants have to pre-register before they can participate in an auction?
No, we like to keep the “red tape” to a minimum.

5. How do you calculate your fees?
See under
Our Fees

6. Do you conduct Benchmark activities / auctions in languages other than English?
Yes, we currently provide our services in French, German and Dutch. Spanish, Portuguese,
Danish, Norwegian, Swedish will follow soon.

7. How long does it take to prepare an RFP and run the RFP process?
Depending on the complexity of the matter this can run from a few days to several weeks.
Law firms/consultants must be given sufficient time to respond to an RFP. In a medium complex
matter, generally two weeks will suffice to respond to an RFP.

8. Who decides which firm will be selected?
It is always the client who decides which firm will be selected. LBI is only a vehicle for the client
to get a solid picture of the market of the services required.

9. Must the lowest bidder be selected?
No, it is at the discretion of the company to select counsel. Even the highest bidder may be selected.

10.Can you help me if I have a need for a lawyer in e.g. Kazakhstan?
Yes. To access who has expertise in the Kazakh market, we conduct research to find out who the most
highly regarded lawyers are who work on matters in that country. The results of this research enables us to conduct a benchmarking or auction for services. We will also contact foreign companies which are
established there over the years who generally will share their experiences. If time allows us to do so, we
will also do field research in the country. The fee structure for that type of work may be adapted to the
specific circumstances

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